Determining ideal body weight for men is not as easy as it might seem. Men have been traditionally using height and weight tables, but now, the gold standard for men to determine whether their weight is ideal, too high, or too low is BMI or Body Mass Index. However, there are limitations even when using BMI. Therefore, all those men trying to figure their ideal weight should also consider their body fat percentage and waist circumference.

Height and Weight Tables

It was back in 1943 that height and weight tables were introduced. The ideal weight range is estimated by these tables based on body frame and height, regardless of gender, so they can be used by both men and women. For instance, according to the table, men who have a “medium frame” with a height of 6 feet should have a weight somewhere from 157 pounds to 170 pounds. While an average man’s weight can be correctly predicted using these tables, but since they are not accurate for very tall and very short people, so relying on them to determine ideal weight is not recommended.

Body Mass Index

In comparison to height and weight tables, BMI or Body Mass Index is a better weight classification system because the stature of an individual is more accurately accounted by it. For men who want to calculate their Body Mass Index, they should divide their weight by their height squared and then multiply it by 703. For instance, for men who have a weight of 200 pounds and have a height of 70 inches, their BMI will be 28.6 (200 รท 4900 x 703 = 28.6).

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There are five categories into which BMI calculations are divided into.

Men who have a Body Mass Index less than 18.5 are “underweight”
Men who have a Body Mass Index somewhere from 18.5 to 24.9 are “normal”
Men who have a Body Mass Index somewhere from 25.0 to 29.9 are “overweight”
Men who have a Body Mass Index somewhere from 30.0 and 39.9 are “obese”
Men who have a Body Mass Index of 40.0 or more are “extremely obese”

While Body Mass Index is not perfect for determining the ideal weight for men, but it is still better than height and weight tables. For men who are muscular but their weight is fine, their BMI might classify them as overweight or obese.

Waist Circumference

For men who believe that their ideal weight classified by their BMI is not accurate, they can investigate further by measuring their waist circumference. Waist circumference can be measured by wrapping a measuring tape around the waist at the navel’s height. For men who have a BMI of 30.0 or more and a weight circumference that is more than 40 inches, they should certainly try losing some weight. However, for men who have a weight circumference measuring less than 40 inches, they should get the final verdict by measuring their body fat percentage.

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Body Fat Percentage

A variety of techniques can be used by men for measuring body fat. Underwater weighing is the most accurate, but it is complicated and sophisticated equipment is required that can only be used by those who are trained to use it. Measuring the skinfold fat thickness at a variety of locations on the body is a more practical technique, but the relying on these measurements is not recommended. Nonetheless, for men who want to calculate their ideal body weight, the final piece of the puzzle is provided by a correct measurement of the body fat percentage. Men who have a body fat percentage that is less than 20% their body weight is just fine.

Changing Weight

Men who are underweight or overweight, steps should be taken by them to bring their Body Mass Index into the normal range. Who need to lose some weight should start burning more calories than they are consuming. This can be accomplished by eating less, exercising more or a combination of both of these. On the other hand, men who are underweight should start consuming more calories than they are burning. Men who are underweight should also consider beginning a resistance training program to build more muscles. Thus, these were some of the techniques that can be used to find the ideal weight for men. Also, following the simple steps mentioned here can help men attain their ideal body weight according to their age, body frame and height.