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With so many products, techniques, diets and solutions on the market – who wouldn’t have a headache just from checking some of them. That’s why I’ve created this page and this whole site – to give you my personal, honest opinion on the matter. You don’t know me, you’re not sure if I just want to cheat and lie to you and you can be thinking of leaving this page by now but let me tell you this – if you’re here then you’re in the same position as I am – need to loose weight fast and keep it that way.

This is a review: Link to official Fat Loss Factor website here

Fat loss factor programSo as I’ve mentioned there are many weight loss resources out there and trust me – I’ve tried a lot of them with very bad results indeed. Lately I’ve come across Fat Loss Factor program – it is on the market for a while now and in my opinion it just adds credibility to it. If it would be bad then it would disappear from the market long time ago. It is a very interesting and complex program which can be customized to basic needs as well as advanced ones. What I mean by that is for example I use basic path in it where I check my weight and follow the plan (4 phases in total) but you can also have online daily weight input, diet plan for the whole week prepared by specialists etc.

I must honestly say its a very comprehensive product with lots of weight loss resources inside. You will find lots of ebooks and guides that include: Raw food recipies, workouts, mindset and goal setting guide, measurements form as well as various recipes. You can check them all but remember to keep it simple – download the Get quick Start Guide first and read it thoroguhly to see what is this program all about.

fat loss factor ebooks

Just partial list of downloads inside Fat Loss Factor program

It consists of 4 phases as I’ve mentioned – one of which is quite controversial – a starvation for couple of days. Opinions are much divided on that subject but I personally believe starvation is a very good diet because it let’s your internal organs rest from processing foods as well as it burns toxins accumulated in your body (when your body hasn’t got nutrients from outside it starts burning the ones on the inside and all the ‘bad’ ones go first like toxins). I did starvation couple years ago for 10 days (plus 10 before you need to prepare and 10 days after you need to ‘come out’ safely) and I can say that I felt like a new born baby. Nevertheless this phase is optional and not necessary however it will boost your weight loss a lot. You have access to a chart of your weight loss and your milestones so you can often come back to the website to update your progress.

This is a review: Link to official Fat Loss Factor website here

fat loss factor weight chart

Fat Loss Factor – Weight Chart

All in all I’m now using this diet and I’ve lost over 10 pounds (5kg) during the last 25 days. Its not a perfect result in anyway but its the first diet that works for me and I’m going to stick with it. So if you want – give Fat Loss Factor a try hassle free (full money back guarantee included there) – I’m sure you will not regret it.

Link to official Fat Loss Factor website here

To be fair I will include some other links as this article is about weight loss resources. I haven’t found many to be honest (of much importance) but some are interesting:

Forks over Knives very good blog about the only way to loose weight and avoid many diseases – by eating fruit and vegetables only

Center for Nutrition Studies blog of T. Colin Campbell that concentrates on whole foods

Juice Master website by Jason Vale who is an expert in juicing

BBC Health website with some nice articles on healthy food and diets

BBC Good Food website with healthy low fat diets

Men’s Health website with some Weight Loss tips

Guardian Health website with some diets and guides


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  2. This is a great product. I purchased it last month. You should get it.

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