Whether you have been seeing far too many healthy living shows, or are sick of looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling a lack of confidence, a diet is never a bad option. The problem is with diets today that so many are only in “fad” for a few weeks before the holes in the diet are cruelly exposed, or they offer radical and potentially dangerous ways to living a “new” lifestyle. Whatever it is that you are looking to get involved with, a plant based diet can be an extremely powerful diet to go on if you are looking to improve your overall health. Reducing your meat intake massively and enjoying a more plant based diet is one of the smartest decisions you can possibly make.

plant based diet

Michael Pollan, who is a famous diet expert, came up with an awesome plant base diet that has helped many people cut back on the excess weight and eating so much nonsense. He emphasises the importance of knowing how your food was actually made, and if it followed the right procedures in the making process. The general rule from Pollan is if your grandmother would not use that ingredient, then you shouldn’t want to include it, either!

The idea with a plant based diet, at the offset, is to try and reduce your meat intake – not go completely cold turkey. Try and change two or three days a week whereby you usually have a meat based lunch and dinner and replace it with a plant based equivalent. A lot of the meat that we eat today hasn’t had the right time to prepare, unfortunately, leaving us eating lower grade meats which can be quite dangerous in the long-tem.


Trying to change your meat intake to things like tofu and seitan can keep your meals exciting and full of protein which is vital, but stops you from taking in some of the frankly foul meat that we all eat today. Using organic soy products, too, can be a great way to keep your food nice and balanced.

This diet leaves you with plenty of options in terms of the things you can eat and cannot eat, things like a soups and sandwiches are still very much an option to you – you just need to change the meat on your sandwich is all. Following this type of diet can be quite tough at first, but once you get over the initial issues that you have with the food and can begin to appreciate the taste and quality of the plants you are eating, you will really start to see the benefits of a more rounded diet that is better for you in the long-term.