You might be wondering if metabolic cooking is merely a weight loss gimmick or it can actually help you “stay slim” and “burn fat quickly”. This concept is mostly based on a few well-known but obscure properties of food and the human metabolism. One of these ideas is related to the tendency of the body toward adaptation. One fact that cannot be disputed is that organisms have a fabulous ability of adapting. However, when it comes to humans, at times we tend to adapt in a bit of a negative fashion.

Change your body habits

Researchers have duly noted that many obese people eat their food in a comparatively short time every day. Some of these researchers were motivated by this unusual eating pattern to conduct an experiment using rats. The rats were forced into unusual eating patterns where they were stuffed and then starved. After being starved, one group of rats was permitted to eat whenever they pleased. The other group was given a limited time of two hours every day to eat as much as they could consume. As a result, in comparison to the rats that were permitted to eat at will, the body weight of the rats, which were given a limited time to eat, increased drastically.

The rodents were then dissected and it was discovered by the researchers that an increase in the activity of the enzyme hexose monophosphate shunt in the liver caused the body fat to increase. It was deduced from the experiments that breaking free from unusual eating habits becomes difficult for obese people because of a metabolic adaptation process. This mainly prevents them from adapting to a pattern where they eat small portions during the day, which is necessary for weight loss.

Millions of people who follow strict diets also experience another form of this type of adaptation that is more well-known. Initially, the body swiftly reacts to this adaptation, wherein the pounds are often rapidly lost. However, in many cases, apparently this solution does not prove to be sustainable. Many people manage to adhere to a strict diet with adequate discipline, but when these diets do not work, it leaves them clueless.

Avoid adapting body to eating pattern

The metabolism is slowed down in diets where people starve themselves, so the further weight they lose is stymied. With metabolic cooking, a means of avoiding this is offered, in which the types of food eaten every day are varied to an extent that it prevents the body from adapting to an unusual eating pattern. This concept of cooking has also uncovered an attribute of food that is not widely known. All foods have a thermogenic factor. This simply means that more body energy is taken by different foods to digest. The more energy the body uses to digest food the more calories are burned as a result of it.

Spices that increase metabolism

Unfortunately, many people who try to lose weight have no idea about this thermogenic property that is possessed by many spices. Spices are well-known for possessing the ability of speeding up your metabolism. This is particularly true of hot spices like Cayenne pepper, which has thermogenic traits that result in an increase in metabolism, which becomes evident by an increase in body heat. This is why people tend to sweat when they eat really hot foods. Cinnamon, ginger, mustard and turmeric are among other spices that have demonstrable thermogenic properties that step up the metabolism of the body.

cayenne pepper in metabolic cooking

Consuming the right nutrients at the right time is another major factor within this form of cooking. There are precise metabolic benefits of eating every couple of hours, but not a full meal. Another thing that plays a major role in burning calories is to eat the right type of food at the right time of the day.

In summary:

This form of cooking is not a dietary program but is rather an adapted style of cuisine. In fact, this concept evolved out of the current prevalent trend of “extreme fitness”. This form of cooking also originates from the muscle-building arena, where people in competition and training look for a certain “technical edge”. Nonetheless, it is a very effective method of enhancing overall fitness and losing weight as well. This is the reason metabolic cooking can prove to extremely beneficial for those who want to lose weight.