New age diets are becoming more popular with every day, as we look for easy and simple ways to improve our lifestyles and our health in general. Following a Fruit Juice diet plan, you will tend to go through a “reboot” process. This process can take as long as you like, at least 3 days but can go up to 40 days and means that you only eat fruit and vegetable drinks for a specific period of time, entirely up to you.


It will cleanse your body, especially your organs responsible for processing food (stomach, liver, kidneys) – and give them time to rest for couple days as they’ve been hard at work for your entire life!

The goal is to try and break yourself out of nasty habits of eating processed and sugary products, as well as giving your system a proper detox with the high intake of fruit and vegetables. This will help you get much clearer and healthier looking skin, lose weight and get rid of any bulks across your belly. As well as this, you will feel clearer and be able to think at a steadier pace – because your body is full of excellent vitamins you can really run at maximum capacity. This helps you run at full strength which is vital to the efficient living and running that we want you to do!


Finding the right type of meals that you are actually going to be able to take in properly can be quite easy. You dont need really no recipies – just take whichever fruit and vegetables you want, include in your juice diet plan and that’s it. No excuses that you don’t have required products in your fridge to do some recipe. There is one rule only – nothing apart from fruit and vegetables goes into the juicer. We will provide couple recipes if you are not sure how to start but its very simple.