Healthy eating plan – does it exist?

Eating Healthy – what does it mean?

Everyone trying to lose weight (and failed) many times asked himself this question – why? The rules seam simple – eat healthy food and exercise – that’s it. In real life it gets complicated though – there is always some excuse, some reason, some temptation we cannot resist. There is more to it as we know that there are different body types, we all have different genetics and metabolism. On top of that (if that’s not enough) many of us have weak willpower and what we plan does not always work out well in practice.

The most healthy eating plan I’ve found

So where do we start? Well I am in process of fast weight loss of 20kg (5kg gone so far in 26 days) and trust me I don’t have the strongest willpower nor can I resist temptation (today hot & spicy wings + barbecue ribs were delicious). I will be honest with you – I failed many times, but what keeps me going is constant motivation. Whatever works for you – stick to it. Let me give some examples that I use – look in the mirror every time you want to eat something, grab your tummy and think about what you want – suffer for couple weeks and then feel and look good for years or grab something quick, eat it in 5 minutes and then feel bad about it. Distract yourself – play game, watch movie, go out to supermarket to buy some magazine – walking will burn calories.

Another motivation which is particular to junk food is the image of a McDonald’s hamburger after 137 days – that really creeps me out that I could ever eat that. How can a healthy food stay unchanged for 137 days, how much chemicals has it got inside? Has it got any natural ingredients? I don’t think so. I usually go and prepare salad when I see that.

Stick this photo on the fridge:


McDonald’s after 137 – anyone fancy?


Raw food – my personal solution

I know each of us is different and not everything works for each person. For me the best diet to lose weight was raw food diet (first 5kg off – my record so far). Every diet I tried failed for one main reason (and many other smaller ones) – I couldn’t follow the diet. There is always different food everyday, you need to prepare it, you need to have it in the first place (Im not much of a planner in this department and even if I had it I was always giving up pretty soon. Solution – eat anything you wish but only from a certain product group – raw foods. It’s very simple – you can eat all the food you want as long as its either vegetable, fruit or nuts. You can also use a bit of salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Any combination possible and there are lots of them.

The most healthy eating plan I’ve found

My favorite meals are salads (which is nearly only thing you can do given raw foods 🙂

Cabbage Bruschetta:

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 3 Fresh Basil Leaves, big spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cabbage leaves

We cannot use bread in this case as its raw food diet so take one leaf from cabbage that will serve as ‘bread’ and put chopped tomatoes inside, mixed with olve oil and basil leaves on top.


Brasilian salad:

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 3 Garlic cloves, 1 bunch of Coriander, 1 Lime, Half Medium Onion

My favorite – spicy taste but very good combination of ingredients. Just try to cut all of ingredients into very small pieces, mix together and serve.

Try your own combinations – make classic salad with lettuce, tomatoes and spinach but add pieces of orange, grapes (cut in half) or pineapple pieces – fast weight loss with smile on your face guaranteed!


 Healthy eating plan – what next?

The raw food diet is only the beginning of your new lifestyle, its very effective, you can virtually eat all you can (you won’t feel like eating trust me), but please check your weight everyday and react if its not going in the direction you desire. After you do the raw foods diet, the next step is to create some healthy eating plan. I’m personally still on raw foods diet trying to loose 15kg more but when I’m done my plan will look something like this:

The most healthy eating plan I’ve found

These are for your main meal of the day (dinner or lunch), for breakfast have some salad, cereals, fruits etc.

Weekly plan:

Monday – Chicken breast (cooked or grilled)

Tuesday – Rich thick soup (can be with chicken bits) – use many types of vegetables

Wednesday – Fish – tuna steaks, salmon, cod fish etc.

Thursday – Salad (with meat or fish like tuna)

Friday – Your choice (even junk food if you feel like it)

Saturday – Barbecue or some fancy recipe you’ve seen on TV and always wanted to try

Sunday – Steamed vegetables with some lean meat

So as you can see it doesn’t have to be one salad per day – remember to make it a lifestyle, don’t think about it as a diet. Even if you fail and eat some junk food or some sweets – don’t worry – just try not to do it more than once a week. Remember that the best diet to lose weight is variety – you can eat food you like (even junk) as long as you eat the healthy one as well.


The most healthy eating plan I’ve found


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