Losing weight is something that plenty of people struggle with and it seems that not engaging into physical exercise and losing weight will most of the times be a bad idea of making a change, yet is it really true? Well, let me tell you that losing weight is such a broad concept that it has lost its meaning many times through miracle programs that eventually just didn’t deliver. Kind of discouraging?

Well you should not be, because below you will find some great tips to help you shed off that extra weight without too much effort. Are you going to lose it fast? Will you struggle with hunger pangs? To be honest the answer is no, yet it all depends on your body and how you take on this diet. Let’s take a closer look at your most effective healthy diet plan yet.

1. First of all you will need to track the eating pattern and in this regard, you will need to create a dietary journal for 2 weeks before you decide to make the biggest change in your diet yet. It’s important you will note the food you consume, when you will consume it and what you’ll eat. The notes will also need to encompass extenuating circumstances like eating at social gatherings, while driving between appointments or eating during lunch breaks.

All the foods you will mostly eat will have to be highlighted in a single colour of your choice and in regards to the sweet foods, fatty foods and fried foods, they’ll have to be highlighted using another colour. Keeping such a journal seems to be an effective way for you to cope with your dietary changes and help you eat healthy foods for longer periods of time.

Glass of water

2. In regards to beverages, changes should also be made in this department. If you drink plenty of sugar filled sodas, you will need to swap those with diet sodas. More to that, reducing the amount of sugar, alcohol and caffeine consumed daily is also recommended. In terms of water intake, drinking eight to nine cups per day is mandatory.

3. Fat should also be reduced as much as possible, so make sure you never include it in your healthy diet plan. Fats like unhealthy trans fats and saturated oils are definitely a no-no for those wanting to start eating healthy. If you would still like to eat meats, you will need to trim the fat before cooking it. More to that, if you remove the skin from poultry, this will help with reducing the saturated fats. However, you also need to be moderate in eating or using margarine, lard and butter when cooking.

4. The amount of vegetables and fresh fruits consumed daily should be increased. It’s preferred they are consumed fresh, yet when they are not available this way, canned vegetables and fruits are a good option. Salad dressings might look and taste delicious, but they hide plenty of hidden sugars and fats and should be at best avoided. If that’s not possible, they should be replaced with zero fat or low fat salad dressings.

5. You should reduce the amount of white sugar you eat daily and start eating more fibre. Rich sources of fibre number nuts, beans, grains and many other foods.

6. Now I know I said something about not really engaging into physical exercises, but I do want you to know that physical exercises paired with a good diet will increase the effectiveness of your healthy diet plan a lot. Basically you will get as much as fifty percent or even more efficiency with it, so that is why I thought I would tell you how important it could be for you.

It seems that having a portion of healthy food daily is not hard and you just need to pay more attention at what you put in your mouth. It will be a little hard in the beginning, as everything is in life, but you will eventually get used to it. Make sure you also have a friend who is going through the same changes as you are, because he or she is going to help you by offering emotional support. It’s really going to be very helpful to have someone who understands end encourages you. By considering these tips you will eventually be able to lead a healthier life.