Fat burning foods

Everyone knows the key to healthy weight reduction is through exercise and observing the best diet. A miracle food that melts the pounds away is yet to be discovered but as you will find in the following paragraphs, there are so many types of foods effective in weight loss and are very significant in burning calories. You will also learn that a bonus these fat burning foods have is additional healthy benefits. Intake of the following foods, obviously in the right amount will begin fat reduction after a specific period of time. In fat burning, it is important to remember these foods also reduce fat creation, helping one to burn fat even much quicker through exercising and other similar activities.

For any type of food to make it to the list of foods that burn fat superbly, it must:
• Show properties of burning fat
• Be introduced into a specific diet with ease
• Show some versatility
• Be accessible, enjoyable and simple to prepare
• Show multiple benefits to the overall health of a person

Eating berries provides one with antioxidants and rich nutrients. Even if they are bought frozen, their freshness can be trusted since it is usually locked in. They can remain fresh for a long time and can also be used in various ways. They can be thawed as they are in the mouth as one would do an ice cube amidst being tastier. Berries are also great additions to yoghurt, ice cream with low fat, cereal and oatmeal.

Lean Chicken
Apart from being filling, tasty and versatile, it has a lot of protein and comes in handy in a number of dishes ideal for dinner and even lunch.

Apart from being superb as an addition to a breakfast, it has a lot of crucial proteins and can also be eaten as a snack or dessert. Choose yoghurt low in fat and you would have got the recommended dairy intake. If you add cereals and fruits, it can be turned into a very sumptuous meal.

Brown Rice
Brown rice is full of necessary fibers and has other substances as well. The nutty texture and taste of the rice makes it superb for a dish with lean chicken, vegetables or other light fat burning foods since it is quite fulfilling. Due to the richness in fiber, it is important to take a lot of water after a dish of brown rice.

Apart from being endowed with a lot of fiber, oranges have a lot of vitamin C, thus making them conducive for fat burning. The vitamin C content helps to promote Carnitine production within the human body thus oxidizing most fatty acids. It is advisable to eat oranges while still fresh as compared to juice or in supplement form. They give a satisfying and sweet end to any meal.

Green Tea
You can make the drink of choice to be high quality green tea since it quenches thirst fast while satisfying the basic need of daily fluid and helping to burn calories. Since green tea has the EGCG anti-oxidant, it helps to burn huge amounts of calories all the day long. Added benefits of green tea include replacement of sugar laden drinks as well as being anti-cancer and maintenance of good cholesterol as well as other benefits.

Whole Grain Bread
Wholegrain bread has a lot of fibers and seeds within including some additional nutritional benefits. It is satisfying if taken for breakfast and also superb for such meals as soups or for sandwiches. A point worth noting is that whole grain does not mean brown bread. A brown bread might contain some brown colorings and not the seeds and fibers found in wholegrain bread.

Salmon is full of great fats that help in weight reduction and very easy to cook. It is also affordable and makes a satisfying meal once combined with vegetables in a plate with brown rice, for instance. Salmon steak can be microwaved for less than 3 minutes once it has been bowl covered.

While the two are different, they are both good food additions and common combinations. The oils and minerals in the onions and garlic help in fat breakdown and boosting metabolism and can be used in just about any meal.

There are other top fat burning foods one can include to this list but if constructively followed in a consistent fashion over a period of time, the results will be felt in a big way.


  1. i m 22 year old boy I HAVE A NORMAL BODY WEIGHT OF 68 KG WITH HEIGHT ABOUT 5FEET & 11 INCHES BUT accumulated loys of fat plz give me some suggestion to get rid of it

    • Hi, after studying carefully fat loss for some years now I can honestly say that there is only one way to loose weight:

      1. Start excersise (at least 30 minutes a day) – fast walking, bicycle, swimming, football etc.
      2. Stop eating complex food (meat, diary, white bread) – I ONLY eat fruit or vegetable if I want to loose weight – salads, soups, juices
      3. Dont trust in any weight loss pills, wonderful diets etc. – they DONT work. If any of them would work the whole world would use it.

      Prepare a plan and stick to it, it is about your health so treat it seriously

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