Have you ever wanted to wear a swimming costume to the beach but the appearance of your thighs and butt made you change your mind? Perhaps your butt and thighs have the appearance of an orange peel? This article will educate you on cellulite, what it is, what causes it, how to get rid of it and how to prevent it.

What is cellulite?

You are probably wondering what is cellulite and how do I get rid of it? When fat deposits occur just below the skin, the skin tends to get a dimpled appearance. This is what is known as cellulite. Places that are most affected by cellulite are the pelvic region, the lower limbs and the abdomen.

It often starts to appear during puberty and is classified into three types: grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3.
Grade 1 cellulite is not easily seen unless under a microscope. Grade 2 cellulite also has to be examined under a microscope and is seen in skin that has lost elasticity and has undergone anatomical changes. Grade 3 cellulite on the other hand can be seen on the skin. In fact the skin appears to have an orange peel appearance.

Causes of cellulite

Cellulite has a variety of causes. The following are some of the explanations as to what exactly causes cellulite:


Certain genetic factors predispose individuals to acquiring cellulite. These may include circulatory insufficiency, uneven distribution of fat, slow metabolism, race and gender.

Hormonal factors

Certain hormones are responsible for the production of cellulite in the body. These hormones include: prolactin, thyroid hormones, noradrenaline, insulin and estrogen.


People who consume unhealthy foods that contain little fiber, salt, carbohydrates and fat are at a higher chance of developing cellulite than those that eat healthier foods.

Lifestyle factors

Certain lifestyles may encourage the development of cellulite. For instance, those who sit around for hours on end, those who rarely exercise and smokers have a higher chance of developing cellulite.

It is believed that those who wear tight underwear across the buttocks might limit the amount of blood flow and this is likely to cause cellulite to develop.

How to remove cellulite

If you are still wondering “what is cellulite and how do I get rid of it?” There are a number of therapies that have been suggested to help remove cellulite. However, very few of them have actually been proven scientifically. Certain therapeutic methods have been suggested that may either be mechanical or physical. Such methods include massages, ultrasound, heat therapy and magnetic therapy just to mention a few.
There are other second class cellulite removal strategies that incorporate drugs which act on the fatty tissue in the body. There are a wide variety of pharmacological agents that can be used. They can be injected, applied or taken orally.

The beauty and cosmetic industry has come up with special clothing for those that have cellulite. These garments act as compressors that reduce the amount of blood flow. The garments compress the arteries and increase the flow of blood to the appearance of cellulite.

However, by far the most proven technique that seems to work is exercise. A combination of strength training and interval training sessions that have a high intensity can be used to acquire the best results. These exercises serve the purpose of toning the muscles and decreasing the amount of fatty tissue in the body. If this form of exercise is followed on a constant basis, after some time the butt and thighs will have a less dimpled appearance and will appear much smoother.

How to prevent the development of cellulite

There are a variety of things that can actually help to reduce the chances of developing cellulite.

Eating healthy

Having established that consuming foods that are rich in fats, carbohydrate and trans-fat from fast foods contributes to the development of cellulite, then it is best to avoid such kinds of foods. The best approach is to consume foods that are rich in healthy sugars such as bananas or rich in healthy carbohydrates such as oats and whole meal foods.


If you have constantly asked yourself “what is cellulite and how do I get rid of it?” this is one sure way of reducing the amount of fatty tissues. Exercises help to tone the muscles and help you to also maintain an optimum weight and reduce the stress in your life.

Wear loose fitting clothing

It is important to ensure that blood flow to your thighs and buttocks is sufficient in order to prevent the development of cellulite. Therefore boy shorts or even thongs are recommended when it comes to underwear. So long as they are loose fitting and not so tight.