Fat loss workouts are designed to help you lose the most amount of fat in the most efficient way possible. They also boost hormones in your body that help in fat burning so that our body will burn stored fat during the workout and increase your endurance. The best workouts for this are those that are designed with cardio and strength training.

Interval training

Interval training is a good workout that will help you lose body fat fast and effectively. Begin by warming up and stretching for ten minutes, then engage in a high intensity cardio activity such as running on the treadmill. Do this for about half a minute running very fast, at about eighty percent effort. Slow down to about fifty percent effort for about a minute then increase the intensity back to eighty percent effort. Keep doing this until you have worked out for half an hour. Then finish up with a wind down session for about 10 minutes. Ensure that the high intensity workout period is half the time of the low intensity period.

Circuit training

You can also do circuit training which is a combination of cardio exercises and strength training. The purpose of this is to keep your heart rate high as well as using as many muscle groups as possible. An example of a fat loss workout is: Start with a light warm up then move to the first three exercises without taking a break in between. The first exercise; stand in place and then move your knee up towards your chest then change to the other knee. Your movements should be fast so that your feet are not quite landing flat on the ground. Do these for thirty seconds then do jumping jacks by jumping up and down. While jumping your arms should be above your head and your legs wide, these movements should be simultaneous.

Do these for thirty seconds then jump as high as you can then as you land, your feet and hands should be on the ground and kick your legs. Then jump back up again as fast as you can. You should contract your abdominal muscles when doing this exercise so that you don’t use your back muscles which may cause injury or strain. Do this for thirty seconds. You can take a short break then repeat this set of exercises for the same duration. Take a short break then begin another set.

The first exercise is get into the push up position while you are holding dumbbells. Do a push up then stretch your arms fully so that you do a complete push up. Then lift one arm up to chest level, still holding the dumbbell, lower then lift the other arm. All these movements are considered one set. Do as many sets as you can for thirty seconds then move still holding the dumbbells, start at shoulder level then move into the squat position. As you stand up, extend your arms so that they are straight above your head. Repeat for thirty seconds.

Place your hands behind your head and your legs apart, wider than your shoulder width. Do a lunge by moving your hips to one side and dropping down. Move up to a standing position then repeat on the other side. Do these for thirty seconds.

The last exercise of this group will be a triceps bench press. Put your arms behind you on a bench with your legs partly straight and bend your arms until ninety degrees. Do bench presses for thirty seconds then take a short break. Repeat this group of exercises, take a break then repeat again for the same duration of time. Finish up with thirty second stretches of the following: stand with your legs as far apart as possible then bend hold for thirty seconds. Stand and hold one leg behind you then pull it up until the front thigh muscles stretch. Then do a tricep stretch by standing straight then put your arm behind you then hold the elbow and push it till you feel your triceps stretch. This is a good example of a fat loss workout as it combines cardio as well as strength training in short intensive bursts which will lead t increased metabolic rate and more efficient weight loss.