When trying to lose weight, most people turn to running or biking. While these are great exercise options, swimming is commonly overlooked. However, swimming is an intense, low-impact activity that uses more muscle groups and burns more calories than other cardio activities. Swimming for fat loss is an exercise activity that is appropriate for all ages and these tips and suggestions are a great way to start a swimming workout routine.

Experts Recommend Swimming For Weight Loss
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends exercising for an hour five times a week for optimal weight loss. While this may not be possible for ever person, try getting in at least three workout sessions a week. Find a pool that has a lap swim usually in the morning or evening, and join. Pool fees are usually less than the cost of a gym membership, making this exercise choice economical.

For new swimmers, experts recommend joining a masters swimming group. The masters simply means that everyone in the group is over 20. These groups are geared for all levels from beginners to advanced. They also teach proper swimming techniques to get the most out of this activity. For a beginner, try to swim for ten minutes and then build up to half an hour including a warm-up and cool-down.

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Non-Traditional Swimming Methods

The high-intensity part of a swimming workout should be varied. Strokes like the butterfly and other racing strokes are the best choices. For an unconventional workout choice, try jogging the length of the pool at waist-deep water. Boxers used to practice their punches in neck-deep water to improve their speed, and this can be done as well to burn some extra calories.

Swimming typically burns more calories than other type of exercise. The Mayo Clinic published a study that recognized swimming for fat loss was a beneficial plan. An hour of swimming burns around 500 calories. Additionally, swimming also builds lean body mass in all major muscle groups. Having lean body tissue uses more calories each day and contributes significantly to fat loss between workouts.

Swimming For All Ages

Swimming for fat loss is also recommended by fitness experts because it is one of the least stressful workouts available today. Running, lifting weights, and dancing all put stresses on the body. For an individual who is elderly, obese, or has heart problems, many exercises are going to dangerous and could cause a significant injury. However, swimming is a low-impact activity and much safer than most other fat loss exercise methods.

Training Plans

As with any workout plan, there are some recommended swimming workouts. The 22 minute swim is a great option for anyone with a busy schedule. This workout burns about 300 calories and is designed for a 25 yard pool alone. Start with freestyle and swim four lengths. Then swim for eight lengths alternating freestyle and backstroke. Using a kickboard, swim for four minutes and move directly into the freestyle swim using a pull buoy that is held between the swimmer’s legs for four lengths. Move into the alternating freestyle and the backstroke for eight lengths and then chose a favourite swim for four minutes. End this workout with one minute of a freestyle at a slower pace.

For a high-intensity option, try hard-core sprints. Pick a favourite stroke and then start with four laps at a decent pace. Going into the main set, swim five laps of a full-stroke swim and then do five laps of the kick set. Follow this with five laps of the pull set and move into five laps of the full stroke swim. After completing, repeat this sequence and then end the swimming workout with a drill set for a cool-down. Try this and add swimming weights to increase the workout intensity.

Starting A Swimming Workout
New swimmers may enjoy joining an exercise group such as a water fitness class. These classes are especially recommended for elderly individuals. However, for a busy person, try joining a pool and swimming laps a few times a week. The benefits are numerous and results will be seen in just a few days. Not only is the exercise beneficial, swimming for weight loss is a fun and easy way to get in a workout. Add swimming to a regular workout routine or start one up with swimming included.